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Cash for Cars: What Determines the Value of Your Scrap Car?

There may be situations when your car in Dandenong or Frankston may need some major repairs while there may be another situation when your car is completely ready to be junked. In these scenarios, will you like a car, which has almost turned into a scrap, take the unnecessary space in your parking area?

Well, there are other lucrative ways that you can resort to instead of letting your car sit unproductively. The concept of cash for cars in Frankston and Dandenong is gaining ground in the present times. Are you aware that almost every car, regardless of it being a junk or not, has a scrap value? Yes, you can sell your old, scrap car and get attractively paid for it by the car wreckers in Dandenong and Frankston.

How Do You Decide the Scrap Value of Your Car?

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Most cars will have a scrap value, even if it is just about the parts. That is the main reason why the scrap yards are happy to collect the scrap materials and parts in huge quantities. Generally, it becomes difficult to find the parts of the old cars as they aren’t being manufactured anymore. Hence, at these times, the junkyard is the place where you tend to get these parts, usually for a set price, regardless of the make and model of your car.

So, if you want to sell your cash for cars in Dandenong or Frankston, how will you decide or establish the value of your car? There are certain factors that will help you decode the scrap value of your car. Some of them are:

  • Location

The place where you live will play a major role in determining the value of your scrap car.  The scrap rates are already set in every area. The other thing that may affect the value is the popularity of your car in that particular area. Certain junkyards are ready to pay more for certain models of the cars. Hence, location plays as one of the important factors in deciding the scrap value.

  • Age

This is again a very important factor considered while fixing up your cash for cars in Frankston or Dandenong. If your car is less than 15 years old, the chances of getting a good amount are very high. If the automobile is of a renowned brand that offers excellent reliability, the parts will definitely be reliable regardless of the age of the car.

  • Make and Model

The make and model of the car has a great impact on the scrap value. A prominent car brand with the latest model is bound to have the latest features and accessories. Moreover, with enhanced engines and other parts, the chances of getting a good scrap value increase highly.

  • Condition

The condition of your car can affect the scrap value in a great way. The way you have maintained your car will decide the scrap value. Getting good cash for cars in Dandenong and Frankston is directly related to your car’s condition that may range anywhere from pristine, clean, smooth to rusty and scrap.

  • Present Scrap Value

This may sound to be the least important as it has nothing to do with the car, but this probably will decide that how much scrap value you can get out of your car. Most of the car wreckers in Dandenong or Frankston buy scrap cars with an aim of getting metal value. So, if the price of the scrap is down, you will not receive a good value even if your car is in a good condition.

Get the Best Price for Your Scrap Car

Well, these are just some of the factors that decide the scrap value of your car. But, the overall feature that will decide the scrap amount is the car condition and its working parts. Here’s our blog post about 8 effective tips to get maximum cash for your old car.  It becomes imperative for you to carry out an in-depth research before deciding the cash for cars in Dandenong or Frankston. After all, your main aim should be getting the best price possible out of your old, scrap car.

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8 Effective Tips To Get Maximum Cash for Your Old Car

When a car becomes useless for the owner, it’s either stored in the yard or in the garage for many years until the car owner decides to call car wreckers to get it hauled away.

Old clunkers initially appear to be worthless and might even turn out to be a dangerous eyesore to have on your property. But the good news is that you can easily use cash for cars service to clear away the unwanted clutter from your property. In addition, you may even be able to get some good hard cash for scrap cars, if you have an idea of how to sell your old car properly.

Where Can You Sell Your Car for Cash?

If you’re a resident of Dandenong or Frankston and are after a quick payment for your vehicle, no matter what condition they are in, get in touch with the car wreckers.

Once you’ve decided to proceed with the cash for car service, you must then decide which company to choose for the job. Some companies will charge you a small fortune but remember that while your junk car may seem worthless, the materials it is made out of are worth.

When you sell your vehicle to car wreckers in Dandenong, you can easily turn it into a money stack. Simply look for a company who will pay you to haul your vehicle away. You never have to pay anything to have your car hauled away.

Always take into account that all the vehicles can be sold for cash for cars in Frankston, Dandenong and all the other Melbourne suburbs, regardless of their age, condition, make or model. Read to know about the various factors that determine the value of your car.

How To Get Maximum Cash For Your Old Car?

When you decide to sell your car, you always look for the smartest way to sell it for maximum cash. This is indeed too difficult in today’s ear, where people are selling and buying vehicles every day. But worry not. Below listed are some of the most effective tips to get the maximum cash for cars in Dandenong.

#1 Realistic Price

Set a realistic price for your car. You can also check the price list for the vehicles with similar advertisements on adverts, magazines and online websites.

#2 No Dues

Ensure that your vehicle has their outstanding balance clear including the conditional sale agreement.

#3 Negotiate

Negotiate carefully to easily convince your car wreckers in Dandenong.

#4 Auto Parts

Parts are valuable and can often be sold. Pull apart all of the good components including glass, wheels, sound system, lights and many more. You can get some really good amount of money on many online marketplaces of buying and selling second-hand auto parts.

#5 Maintain Records

Always make sure to have all the receipts of previous and current service records and repair bills of your car. It will avoid the hassles related to your automobile sale. This will also help them gain more selling price, knowing that the vehicle was kept in a great condition.

#6 Features of Car

Describe all the possible feature of your car in a most precise way. Focus all the important facts that will increase the value of your car. Ensure to check the number plate and the time left in the expiration of MOT.

#7 Documents In Place

Keep all the important documents in order. It includes all the historical records including MOT certificates, service records and many more. Also, remember to preserve all the receipts for any repairs or maintenance bills.

#8 Transfer Documents

A fully stamped dealer record will help maximize your automobile value. Always take into account to transfer all the essential documents only after finalizing the deal.

Selling your old and unwanted vehicle to car wreckers in Dandenong is one of the fastest and most convenient ways of selling a car for the best price. Getting a cash for cars Dandenong quote is as easy as warming a pie. It is probably the easiest, safest and smoothest way of selling your car.

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8 Important Things To Do Before Scrapping Your Car

Do you have a car that’s been in your Dandenong backyard for decades and you’re unsure what to do about it? There are chances that no repairs or services work on it anymore and it’s all rusted out. There is no point in getting too sentimental of your car and trying to fix or restore it. When you just can’t restore your car back to its previous performance even after spending thousands on its several repair jobs, it’s a better idea to sell it off to car wreckers in Dandenong.

There is a huge market for used cars and you may surely able to strike a profitable deal. However, there are times that even after repeated attempts, people are not able to sell their car and leave it in the backyard with wild shrubs growing around. There are several things that you can do with your old unwanted car, but the best way to yield some profit from your junk car is to scrap it.

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Cars are the best products to be recycled and before sending the car to the scrap, there are few things you need to take care of.

  1. Collect Personal Belongings

A car is our second home. Often we end up leaving our personal belongings in the car compartments and forget them for weeks. There are cases when people come running to the scrap yard seeking for the things in the compartments of their car. Usually, scrap team don’t check for the belongings inside, they just need your confirmation regarding the scrapping. So, if you have left anything inside the car, it’s almost impossible to get it back. Thus, it’s always recommended to check the car nicely for your personal belongings before handing over the car.

  1. Remove the valuable parts

Although this may be slightly daunting task, but if you have agreed on a price to a scrap yard then ethically you should hand it over as it was at the time of inspection, but if you are getting cash for cars in Frankston that is equivalent to scrap, then you might want to salvage some valuable parts and privately trade them. Things like a car stereo, GPS system can be taken out. Don’t forget to check on wheels and batteries. When you decide to salvage the tyres, you can replace them with the old one. Same goes for the batteries too. You can also empty the fluids like petrol before handing it over to car wreckers.

  1. Remove License Plates

You might be wondering, why you need to remove license plates from a scrap car that is going to be crushed? Well, the answer is that the license plates are still useful even when a car retires from the service. In several states, the license plates are necessary to be returned to the department of the motor vehicles in a case to cancel the registration and car insurance policy. When you hire a car removal company which offers good cash for cars in Dandenong, it usually becomes a fast-paced process, so make sure to remove the license plates before to hand over your car to cancel your registration and insurance.

  1. Documentation

You might have heard, many car wreckers in Dandenong claim to buy the cars without any documentation back up. But it’s smart decision to not count on it and have all the documents ready beforehand. This helps you to transfer the ownership to the dealer.  There is nothing to freak out if you’re unable to reach your documents. Just head over to your state’s department of motor vehicles and get it replaced.

  1. Cancel Your Car Insurance

Cancelling your car policy ensures that you won’t have to make any recurring payments before the policy expires. It also helps in getting a refund, if you’ve paid full coverage in advance. You must also ensure to notify your carrier, even if your coverage is nearly up.

  1. Check Around For Best Deal

No matter what shape your old jalopy is in, different dealers will quote different figures. Dealers usually try to acquire the vehicle at the lowest price.  Therefore, it is advisable to not settle down on the first one and check around for different dealers and select the one who can offer a fair amount of cash for cars in Frankston. The best way to achieve this is by gathering your vehicle’s information. Get a rough estimate of your vehicle from a mechanic; compare price quotes from different salvage yards and also ensure whether they’re offering free towing or not. For more information, read our blog about the 8 effective tips to get maximum cash for your old car.

  1. Licensed Dealer

Junk Car Dealers and Car Removal Company need a proper license to carry the business. Ensure that your car wreckers in Dandenong have an active license. Ask for the license number and verify it online. This will help you make a valid claim against your dealer if he fails to pay the price quoted.

  1. Pull off the non-metal components

While some dealers may buy the car as it is (i.e. with its non-metallic parts), others may accept it only when the car is stripped down to metal. Why not take the benefit of this opportunity? Using special tools or with an expert’s help, scrap off the plastics, empty the fluids and pull of the seats and sell it separately.


Take into account that scrapping your car is a nice way to get rid of the old machine from your backyard and put more money in your pocket. Call a professional dealer, who can offer good cash for cars in Dandenong, regardless of its condition, age, make or model.